Brevard Public Schools Board meeting over football hazing scandal at Vieria High School

The Brevard Public Schools Board will meet Tuesday night to hear from the community after Viera High Schools' football program and several players were suspended after an alleged hazing incident last week.

The big question: Will the school's football program be reinstated – and if so, when?

The school board meeting is scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Board members are expected to discuss what the district should do in wake of the scandal – and how to address it.

Brevard Public Schools confirmed that an alleged hazing incident happened last week – and was apparently caught on video, which was then shared on social media.

The video, which has FOX 35 has viewed and decided against showing due to the nature of the video, appeared to show a boy being held on the ground as other students – members of the football team – taunt him and perform sexually-suggestive movements.

"Hazing, bullying, and intimidation have no place in Brevard Public Schools," Brevard Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Rendell said in a statement. He also confirmed that the school's football coach has been relieved for 

School board member, Jennifer Jenkins, said she wants the entire football season to be canceled. However, another school board member said he doesn't agree with canceling the whole season.

"Although this was an unfortunate incident. It was very, very inappropriate, and we’re going to hold these individuals accountable. The other part of this is, this is an opportunity to grow," said Matt Susin, Chairperson of Brevard Public Schools Board.

The Brevard County Sheriff's Office confirmed that it has opened an investigation, though no arrests or charges have been filed. It's unclear if any charges will ultimately be filed.

Susin said the students could also face disciplinary at the school beyond the 10-day suspension, which could include expulsion.

The district superintendent said every member of the football program will have to take an anti-hazing course before he will even consider bringing back practices and games.