Viera High School football team to undergo anti-hazing training following incident

The entire football team at Viera High School will undergo anti-hazing training following an incident last week that led to the suspension of several players.

Brevard Public Schools superintendent Dr. Mark Rendell told parents at a meeting Monday evening the online training course will be taken on Tuesday. The coaching staff will also undergo similar training.  

The National Federation of State High School Associations teaches both courses.

"We had an incredibly negative situation happen last week, and we want to take that negative situation and turn it into a learning experience," Rendell said.

FOX 35 reported Sunday about the hazing incident that happened inside a locker room last week. Video of it was spread on social media and led to the suspension of several players.


Rendell told parents while the football season is on hold at the moment, it won't be canceled altogether.

"We want to be able to move forward with the season, but we're not going to move forward with the season until the conditions are proper, until we have the right kind of climate and culture in that locker room," Rendell said.

Investigations by both the district and the sheriff's office are underway, and the team's return to the field will be dependent on their completion, along with the training.

Parents who attended Monday evening's meeting with district leaders supported the move.

"I didn't know how that was going to be taken because I've been a part of some football programs that may not have been that way. This one was. That was good," school board chairman Matt Susin said.

The first game of the regular season is this Friday, but Rendell couldn't say whether the team would be prepared to return to the field by then.