Video shows interrogation of murder-for-hire suspect

Recently-released video shows detectives with the Osceola County Sheriff's Office interrogating Ishnar Lopez-Ramos, the alleged mastermind of a bizarre murder-for-hire scheme. 

“Who was the driver?” the detective asks, in the video. “I was,” Lopez-Ramos replies. “So you drove. I know you say 'they,' but what's their names?” the detective continues. “Alexis and Glorian,” Lopez-Ramos says.

Lopez-Ramos was referring to Alexis Ramos-Rivera and Glorianmarie Quinones-Montes. Deputies say Lopez-Ramos hired the pair to kill a woman who was involved with a man she was obsessed with.

“I cared about him,” Lopez-Ramos says on video, “I just wanted to see him and talk to him.”

Deputies say she wanted to kill the woman who came between them. “Her name is Leslie. I've never seen her in person, I've never met her before,” Lopez-Ramos says.

Deputies say the plan went south when the trio instead mistakenly stalked and kidnapped Janice Zengotita-Torres. Deputies say even though they knew she was the wrong woman, they suffocated her with a plastic bag and dumped her body on the side of a road in Ormond Beach. Lopez-Ramos says Ramos-Rivera turned violent.

“He said he hit her here, hard,” Lopez-Ramos says, pointing to her chin, “then she screamed, she screamed really loud."

During his interrogation though, Alexis Ramos-Rivera says he was simply the driver. “Drop me here, pick me up there. That's the only thing I know, so I don't know what is going on,” he says.

Glorianmarie Quinones-Montes cries when detectives question her, but doesn't say much. All three suspects are charged with first-degree murder, and fa