Woman says road rage driver ran over her fiancé after following her to her house

Orange County deputies are looking for a road rage driver accused of hitting a man with his car.

Jessica Myers says a man cut her off last Thursday. She yelled at him and that's when she says the driver started brake-checking her before following her to her home on Miami Road in Orlando. 

She called her fiancé, Matthew Gerren, asking him to come outside. When Gerren confronted the driver in a blue Acura, the driver ran him over with his car. Gerren was recording when he was hit. 

"I thought, in that moment, I lost him," said Myers.

Gerren is in the Intensive Care Unit at Orlando Regional Medical Center Monday as he recovers from a spinal fracture and a broken wrist.

Orange County deputies confirm they are investigating this case. The family hopes the photo and video they got of the driver will help find him.

"If he can do it to someone, to one person, he can do it to someone else because he had complete disregard for human life," said Myers.

Myers now has a warning for others.

"If someone cuts you off don’t try to retaliate, don’t yell at them, don’t flip them off, because these are small things," said Myers. "But taking someone’s life, putting someone in the hospital that’s a big thing. Someone cutting you off just let it go – it’s not a big deal"

If you have any information or tips that could help find the driver, call Crimeline. 

The family started a GoFundMe page to help with medical expenses. You can help here. 

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