VIDEO: Motorcyclists crash on Beltway in Upper Marlboro

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Two motorcyclists part of a large group of riders were involved in separate crashes on the Beltway in Upper Marlboro on Sunday afternoon.

Maryland State Police said one motorcyclist crashed after he said he was hit by a vehicle or another motorcycle rider in the left lane on Interstate 495 near Pennsylvania Avenue. After the crash, the rider would put his motorcycle in the back of a pickup truck and leave the scene.

While that crash occurred, another motorcycle rider was hurt after falling off of his bike as he was looking over at the other motorcycle collision, police said. The rider was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

A passenger riding in a car behind the group recorded the incident on cellphone video. She posted on Facebook that the motorcyclists were riding as wide as three and four lanes on the highway and slowing down vehicles behind them trying to pass the motorcyclists. In the video, some motorcycle riders were also seen performing wheelies on the roadway before the crashes.