Video: Horse on I-95 captured after galloping alongside drivers in Philadelphia

It was a horse's day out in the big city on Tuesday morning!

"Yes, I need help. There's a horse on 95 Northbound ramp and they are requesting help, help to catch this horse. Catch a horse? That's correct sir."

That was the dispatch call from Philadelphia police just before 5 in the morning and even they were surprised.

SKYFOX caught up with a horse on the loose near West Moreland Street in Philadelphia's Port Richmond section around 6 a.m.

It was spotted fiercely galloping alongside drivers on I-95 North near the Girard Avenue exit just moments earlier in a video captured by Angelo Palmer.

Hooves pounding on the pavement, the horse's mane flowed freely in the wind as it took over the busy roadway's shoulder.


The horse made its way off the highway amazingly without getting hit by a car as police tried to keep up with the horse’s whereabouts.

The wild ride came to an end at the bottom of the Allegheny Avenue off-ramp as several law enforcement vehicles cornered the animal.

FOX 29's Hank Flynn was live on the scene as the horse was captured and loaded into a horse van.

It was picked up and loaded into a trailer by its owners, the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club, a non-profit in Strawberry Mansion that teaches riding to children.

Nicole Bryan of Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club says they are trying to figure out exactly what happened, but they suspect vandalism. She said it just doesn’t add up.

"We have multiple witnesses who said the horse was locked up because they are locked behind the gate, then also locked in their pen," said Bryan.

The horse which was just acquired by the club is now back where it belongs, safe and sound.

Wayne Bond who helps care for the animals says he's glad this beauty was not injured during its time on the run. 

"It got check out. They took it straight to the vet," said Bond. 

"The horse is fine, honestly. I think we were more traumatized than this horse is," Bryan added.

Abe Jordan of Strawberry Mansion couldn’t believe his eyes.

"It was shocking. How many times do you see a horse running on the expressway going to 95. Once in a lifetime," said Jordan. 

Of course, as news spread that the horse was okay,  the horse jokes started pouring in. 

Even the Philly Police Department couldn't resist posting this to X: