VIDEO: Firefighters rescue crying puppy buried under rocks

A puppy thanks his rescuer in kisses after being pulled from under a pile of rocks in South Carolina.

The North Charleston Fire Department posted video to Facebook of their firefighters pulling the puppy to safety.

The department was called to the scene after some bike riders had heard a puppy whimpering from underneath a pile of rocks. 

A firefighter is seen digging into the hole to free the animal, which appears to be completely stuck under the rubble.

The firefighter struggles to get a grip on the dog but eventually is able to pull it out by it's front legs. The puppy, clearly happy to be free, showers the hero with slobbery, adorable kisses.

In an update, the fire department says that the puppy was taken in by the family who called 911. They said they would be taking it to the vet to see if it is micro-chipped.