Video: Baby red foxes sunbathe, hangout in Florida neighborhood

A pack of red fox pups spent a few moments sunbathing and hanging out on the grass of a Florida neighborhood.

Video shared with FOX 35 showed a total of five pups and presumably their mom hanging out on a patch of grass between some homes in Oviedo, Florida, a community just northeast of Orlando. 

Four of the pups were clustered together hanging out in the sun, sharing a few scratches here and there, while another pup followed mom who was walking in another direction.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Red foxes can be across Florida. While not native to Florida, they're now considered to be a naturalized species, meaning they're adapted well and do no need human intervention to survive.

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Unlike gray foxes, which are native to Florida, red foxes prefer fields and weedy pastures. Red foxes also dig its own burrows or dens, which can be 20 to 40 feet long, and 3 to four feet deep.

Red foxes are typically nocturnal animals and are most active at dawn or dusk, but can be out during the daytime. They usually feed on rabbits, rats, and mice.


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Female foxes usually give birth to an average of five pups per litter. They nurse for two months and stay with mom for six months, the FWC said.