Ex-wife of man shot, killed in Osceola County shooting reacts to arrest of former husband's killer

Brittany Harrell, reacted to a photo of Osceola County deputies arresting Joshua Miller. "Oh my god, they got him!" she said, throwing her hands in the air, "thank you, Jesus!"

Miller was wanted in connection with Saturday’s killing of a person on Bronco Drive, in the Bay Lake Farms neighborhood of Saint Cloud. Harrell said the victim was her ex-husband, Joseph Beck, the father of their three children. She says Beck and Miller were coworkers, and good friends. 

"They actually, not even two or three days ago, Josh and Joey were posting pictures with my three kids, saying they were having a good time. It just doesn't make any sense to me," she said.

Harrell said Saturday, she got a phone call from a friend that changed everything. "Who told me I don't know what's going on, but you need to check on Joey. Something's happened."

Harrell said she checked with several local hospitals before finding out where first responders took Beck. Once she'd found the right one, she said staff there told her what happened. "The doctors came in and said that was going to be airlifted but because he was dead on arrival, it was going to be by transport. He went into cardiac arrest, and there was nothing they could do."

Harrell said her three young children were struggling to come to terms with their father's death. She said at least now, there would be a chance for justice in this case. Deputies were calling this an isolated incident. They are asking anyone with information about this deadly shooting to please give the Osceola County Sheriff's Office a call. 

The family has since created a GoFundMe to help with funeral arrangements.