Veteran who took delivery job for money to fix roof helped by woman who saw him struggling

A Utah woman used the power of social media to raise money to help an older veteran pay for repairs to his home after she saw him struggling to deliver groceries to her home.

Jen Cantell Weiss shared footage on Nov. 15 showing the man, who worked as a delivery driver, struggling to walk up the steps of her home in Ogden as he dropped off her groceries.

“I had an order delivered this AM and the gentleman doing the delivery really struggled getting up my stairs with the pack of soda. I didn't watch this video til after he was already gone, or else I would have gone out to help him,” Weiss wrote on Facebook. “Seeing this video makes me feel so bad.”

A relative of the man saw the footage Weiss posted and put her in touch with him.

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 "I was concerned for him and wanted to learn more about his situation and what I could do to help him so he wouldn't need to do deliveries anymore, especially during the winter months," Weiss told FOX TV Stations.

Weiss discovered that the man, named Larry, is a veteran who suffered a stroke earlier in 2020 and had to relearn how to walk.

Weiss shared his story on Facebook, saying he took the delivery job to pay for repairs to his roof, and appealed for people to help him with the costs.

“He was so careful and particular with how he placed things and arranged them on my porch. This was clearly a man who takes great pride in his work, even if it is just delivering someone's groceries. He obviously has a great work ethic even with his health struggles and that really made me want to help him however I could,” Weiss shared.

Weiss posted Larry’s Venmo information and the donations started to pour in, she said. Weiss said Larry was overwhelmed with gratitude.

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"He was completely speechless and really surprised that so many kind people wanted to help him," Weiss shared. "He was just so blown away by everyone's generosity."

“I have been in touch with him and he is overwhelmed with gratitude,” she wrote on Facebook. “He did NOT ask for any help, but I love that people are touched by his story and want to help lighten his load a bit. Thank you so much everyone!”

Larry told local media that the donations covered his roof repairs and he no longer had to do deliveries.

Weiss shared an update on Facebook, saying Larry and his wife “requested that rather than continuing to donate to him, you donate to Toys for Tots or your local food bank. He says he has received more than enough and feels there are so many others out there who need the help more than he does.”

“Everything we do has the potential to help someone and change someone's day, week, or life... you just never know how big of an impact you could have on someone,” Weiss said.

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