UPDATE: 1 injured, 1 trapped after Bensalem gas station explosion

An explosion at the Liberty gas station on the 1200 block of Bristol Pike in Bensalem left one worker critically injured and another worker trapped.

"It shook the house.” Like a bomb went off that’s how witnesses describe the explosion from an underground fuel tank at the Liberty gas station.

One man was critically injured in the blast and another buried inside the tank under a massive pile of concrete rubble.

Officials say the buried man has been recovered as of Wednesday night.

"The second subject is still trapped inside the tank. There is a lot of concrete over him right now. We’re still trying to get in there. We have not been able to make contact with him," Fred Heron with Bensalem Police said.

Residents say the blast that happened just before 5 p.m. shook the entire neighborhood.

"I went across the street and saw the sidewalk was torn up and saw Nick the owner running around. I figure oh God what has happened," neighbor Wes Myers said.

Friends and family of the longtime Bensalem family business hugged and prayed for any signs of life. Search and rescue crews with heavy machinery, a drone and cadaver dogs were brought in to sift through concrete rubble to find missing worker.

Meanwhile, 10 properties around the Liberty gas station were evacuated as crews empty the underground gas tanks to find the missing worker.

"There is still a risk of explosion. We believe we made a perimeter far enough so everyone outside the perimeter is safe," Heron said.

The first worker was flown to a Philadelphia hospital in critical condition with burns over 45%of his body.

Bristol Pike is still shut down and most likely will be for the next couple hours.

This is a developing story, please stay with FOX 29 for updates.