University of Central Florida Police Department updates resistance policy with #8CantWait recommendations

In efforts to keep the community safe, the University of Central Florida's Police Department (UCFPD) says that it has updated its 'Response to Resistance' policy to follow some of the #8CantWait recommendations. 

The recommendations come from activist organization Campaign Zero. According to its website, #8CantWait is a data-informed platform that presents comprehensive solutions to end police violence in America. They aim to figure out how to reform national law enforcement by changing up force policies. 

UCFPD states that many of its rules already are in accordance with the recommendations of the #8CantWait campaign. The police department is following:

  • Ban of chokeholds and strangleholds
  • De-escalation required
  • A warning before shooting required
  • All other means before shooting must be exhausted
  • Officers have a duty to intervene
  • Shooting at moving vehicles is banned
  • Use of force continuum and comprehensive reporting required

"We all want to see a reduction in harm to others, and many of the campaign’s recommendations were already part of UCFPD policy and practice," UCFPD said.

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The police department's resistance policy was reportedly updated in June 2020.

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