‘Ultimate Tag’ takes schoolyard game to extreme heights on FOX

For most of modern U.S. history, serving as a “Professional Tagger” did not seem to be a feasible career path. But now, children and adults who have always wanted to take their schoolyard evasion skills to a nationally-televised level have done just that.

“Ultimate Tag” is the latest reality TV show from FOX, where a group of athletically astute competitors elude and evade one another on an intricate, multi-level indoor playing field in hopes of achieving tag glory. 

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Hosted by current football stars and brothers J.J., T.J. and Derek Watt, there are five tag games associated with each competition, all uniquely testing participants’ skills such as strength and agility, as well as their sheer determination to avoid human contact. The tag games are: 

Chase Tag
Dodge Tag
Dome Tag
Revenge Tag, and
The Showdown

The taggers themselves are reminiscent of the larger-than-life personalities from a classic “American Gladiators” bout or even a more recent WWE showdown. Without giving too much away, we can safely assume that you’ll find yourself becoming a dodging devotee of one of the following taggers:

Big Deal
The Boss
The Flow
The Horse (who apparently broke his hand during filming but didn’t care, according to J.J. Watt)

“Ultimate Tag” premieres Wednesday, May 20 on FOX.

This station is owned by the FOX Corporation.