UCF Police warns of more catalytic converter thefts on campus

The University of Central Florida is warning those on campus of an uptick in catalytic converter thefts on its main campus, following reports of similar thefts in Orange County.

At least six people have reported that their catalytic converters have been stolen while parked in parking lots or garages on campus in the last day, according to the UCF Police Department. Other incidents have been reported off-campus in Orange County – and last month at UCF's main campus where four people reported their converters were stolen.

"Thieves likely crawl under vehicles and use basic tools to obtain convertors," read the Facebook post. Catalytic convertors are part of a vehicle's exhaust system and helps remove some of the pollution that goes out of the tailpipe, according to a CarFax.com blog post.

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"Police ask that the university community remain alert for this type of activity in parking lots and garages and call 911 immediately if it is observed," the department said, adding that it is pursuing all investigative leads.

Anyone who sees someone stealing a catalytic converter should contact 911. UCF's police department can be reached at 407-823-5555.


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