UCF Police warn about online predators asking for inappropriate photos

UCF Police sent out an alert describing a recent crime trend. The department says it has received reports of online predators posing as young women, convincing young men to send inappropriate pictures.

Then, police say the scammers threaten to send the photos to friends and family unless the victim pays them.

"To be honest, it’s not that surprising just because a lot of scams happen on college campuses," said University of Central Florida student Brandon Diaz. "I think we’re just at a stage of life where we’re more gullible and more susceptible to things."

Police want students to know that paying the online predator won't help and might make the situation even worse.

They're reminder is to be suspicious of anyone online and not to send inappropriate photos.

"All my friends are generally online, so we’re all pretty well versed in like online safety, make sure you’re not doing anything crazy, know who you’re talking to type of thing," Ethan Symonds said.

If you realize you've become a victim in this type of situation, UCF has resources available to help.

The university says you can reach a victim specialist 24/7 by calling 407-823-1200.