UCF mural to honor students killed at Pulse

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As the University of Central Florida prepares to honor and remember the 49 lives taken at Pulse, a tribute to two of the victims is being installed on the heart of UCF’s campus.

A mural designed by artists Michael Pilato and Yuriy Karabash features UCF student Juan Ramon Guerrero and two-time alumnus Christopher Andrew “Drew” Leinonen, whose lives were devastatingly cut short nearly one year ago. The mural features their likenesses and was created with collaboration from their families.

Over the next few days, the art is being added to the exterior of UCF’s Student Union, the very center of the campus, to honor them and to serve as a tribute to the spirit of love and hope that united UCF and the community in the aftermath of Pulse.


Information and images provided by the University of Central Florida.