Uber adds $4 surcharge for pick-ups at Universal Orlando

Uber is adding a $4 surcharge for pick-ups at Universal Orlando Resort.

The fee went into effect last month, as part of a deal between Uber and Universal.

A statement from Uber spokesperson Javi Correoso read, “Uber and Universal are co-investing in a better and more reliable experience for park guests and Uber riders. The pick-up fee will go towards building an operational set-up that drives demand for driver-partners and is more accessible to riders.”

Uber said their company and Universal received feedback from drivers and riders about ways to improve the operational set up at the park. They decided to invest resources to improve the pick-up experience at the new designated area in the parking garage.

Some visitors said they’ll continue to use Uber because they’re familiar with it, while others said they’d use alternative companies like Lyft that currently isn’t charging a surcharge.

Lisa Russe and her family did use Uber to get picked up this week and we’re irritated when they noticed the extra $3.80 on their fee.

“I complained about it, and I got it back”.

Russe was refunded, but other riders will not be. That money will also go towards new signs; in addition to the new pick up area on the top floor of the garage.

The fee is part of an upfront price and riders will see it when requesting a trip from Uber. It only applies to riders picked up at the park and not riding to the par.

The Uber logo is displayed on a car on March 22, 2019 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)