U.S. Coast Guard suspends search for Daytona Beach attorney who went missing during dive off coast

UPDATE: The Coast Guard said late Monday night that it is suspending its search for missing diver, Jim Evans.

The Coast Guard tweeted, "The USCG has suspended the search for a 50-yr-old male diver who went missing Friday 30 miles east of #DaytonaBeach. Mult CG units & partners searched approximately 5, 297 sq mil for 100 search hrs." 

PREVIOUS VERSION: The U.S. Coast Guard is searching for an attorney from Daytona Beach who went missing while diving.

Relatives of Jim Evans says he went diving for lobster 30 miles off the coast of Daytona Beach but never returned.

"There’s just a hole in your heart when something like this happens. It is terrifying. We are hoping and praying for a good result."

David Smith says his nephew, Jim Evans, has been missing for four days. He went diving on Friday afternoon but never returned.

"Jim was out there lobstering and went down and did not come back up."  

The U.S. Coast Guard says Jim was with two others who reported him missing.

"Jim’s a good diver, knows what he’s doing. He’s very fit, quite a fighter. So, I’m sure he’s doing what he can to get back."

When Jim isn’t diving, David says he’s practicing law."

He is a very successful attorney here in the area. Been practicing law for probably going on 25 years."

Coast Guard officials are searching 30 miles off the coast of Daytona Beach, even asking volunteers to help.

Boater Keaton Becker says, "We were watching, but we didn’t see anything come in."

"Been looking all day. Three-hour ride to our spot today and three-hour ride home. Same yesterday. Didn’t see nothing."

Boater Nick Ames says it was choppy on Friday afternoon when Jim went missing. 

"Three-to-five-foot probably, so it was a little bit windy and with some waves. Could be hard to see somebody or large bubbles if you’re a diver."

David says Jim turned 51 years old on Monday. He’s praying for a miracle that this father of two will celebrate his birthday when he returns safely.

"We have faith and we have hope." 

David says Jim was wearing a camouflage wetsuit and was carrying fishing spears.

If you see anything, call the U.S. Coast Guard out of Jacksonville. 

All boaters interested in volunteering can contact the USCG on VHF Channel 16 or at 904-714-7561. 

If you are going to go out, please monitor VHF Channel 16 for information broadcasts. 

Those assisting in the search are reminded to stay within the capability of their boat and crew and bring required safety equipment, including life jackets.