Two people arrested after armed burglary

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Winter Springs Police say a family in a suburban home had a terrifying wake-up call when a burglar kicked-in the door. The homeowner’s adult son made a frantic 911 call after climbing out on to the roof to get away.

“Please! Someone's in the house with a gun!” he said, “You need to get here right now, he has a machine gun, I'm not joking!”

Officers raced to the scene. When they showed up, they said the 15-year-old suspect fired his gun. A neighbor says he heard the shots.

“A little after two, I heard a gunshot or two,” the neighbor recalled, “then all of a sudden I heard someone say 'Put your hands up!' Then there was all kind of commotion.”

They say fortunately no one was hit. Police say the teen ran to a getaway car, with Ashley Coston behind the wheel. The pair tried to get away, but crashed the car and then quickly gave themselves up. Police recovered a handgun, cash, and drugs. Neighbors say it's usually a peaceful street.

“A little scary!” the neighbor said, “it's a really quiet neighborhood. Never had anything like that happen before.”

Police say it was a targeted attack. The teen and Coston were sent to jail. They were both charged with robbery and Coston was also charged with fleeing from police.