Two Daytona Beach men seriously injured in DUI crash the night of the Super Bowl

Two men are recovering after being involved in a dangerous crash in Daytona Beach on the night of the Super Bowl. They were at a red light when police say a drunk driver hit their car sending them into oncoming traffic.

One of the victims, Matt Baker, told FOX 35 he doesn’t remember much of the crash. He said he recalls sitting in the passenger seat of his friend's SUV when they saw headlights coming up on them fast. Next thing they knew, they were lucking up at the roof of the car.

"We got hit pretty hard," said Baker.

Baker was in his friend Mike Morrison’s SUV looking for a place to watch the Super Bowl. They were stopped at a red light at the intersection of Halifax Ave and Seabreeze Blvd in the left lane when the crash happened.

"Next thing you know we just got hammered from behind. We both fell forward, and then we got hit coming the other way."

Daytona Beach Police believe Joseph Cross, 32, was behind the wheel of the car that smashed into the back of the SUV. They say Cross was drunk with a blood Alcohol content double the legal limit.

The crash sent Baker and Morrison into oncoming traffic where they were hit again head-on. Mike ended up in the hospital with a brain bleed for two days.

"He’s not able to drive for six months so they both have to have appointments with neurologists, and they have to have testing," said Baker’s sister Angie Besso.

Baker previously had brain surgery for a condition that nearly took his life. It took years of therapy to get back to normal, but his sister believes injuries from the crash have set him back.

"The next morning I thought what if Matt is going to have another brain bleed like you think about that. You have that sick feeling like what if. It took him six years to recover and what if he goes back," said Besso.

Angie says both Baker and Morrison have a long road of physical therapy ahead to go along with the mental fear of driving. They are just thankful to be alive.

"Just take an Uber or Lyft. Just get to your destination, have fun, and get home safely. Don’t hurt other people," said Baker.

Cross was arrested after trying to run from the scene. Witnesses nearby helped officers track him down. He is facing DUI charges and has bonded out of jail. 

As for Baker and Morrison, their family has set up a GoFundMe to help cover hospital costs and the long road of bills that are ahead. You can donate here.