Trump supporters say they were assaulted after Minneapolis event

Some Trump supporters are raising safety concerns after they say they were physically assaulted by protestors following the Republican presidential nominee’s fundraising event in Minneapolis Friday night. 

“I think we deserve to be able to exercise our first amendment rights without being beaten and harassed like that,” Kathleen Bryan said. 

Bryan is among a number of the event’s attendees who say they were physically confronted, intimidated and, in some cases, spit on.

So far, no arrests have been made in connection with anything that happened either inside or outside the convention center. Minneapolis Police say three police reports have been filed, two by people who say they were robbed and one involves alleged damage that was done to the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Some Trump supporters also say police declined to intervene and stop the confrontations. However, Minneapolis Police told Fox 9 on Sunday that no stand down order was given.

Minnesota DFL: 'No excuse for violence'

“Friday’s protest at the Minneapolis Convention Center was not organized or advertised by the DFL Party," party chairman Ken Martin said in a statement Monday. "We support the right of protesters to gather peacefully but what happened on Friday night crossed the line. There is no excuse for violence in any form. The cynical attempt by the GOP to exploit the actions of a few protesters for political gain is transparently obvious. That being said, when people opposed to the hatred and vitriol of Donald Trump sink to his level, he wins. As First Lady Michelle Obama reminded us just weeks ago, "when they go low, we go high. The way to stop Donald Trump is not to respond to violence with violence--but to organize, mobilize and vote."