Trump: Summit better than anybody could imagine

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President Donald Trump gave North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a rare peek inside the U.S. presidential limousine.

As the two leaders strolled around the grounds of the Singapore resort where they're having their summit Tuesday, they walked up to the U.S. limousine nicknamed The Beast.

Trump could be seen talking and gesturing before a Secret Service agent opened the door and the leaders looked in, but it wasn't immediately clear how Kim felt about the presidential tour, though he seemed to be smiling.

Trump said he and Kim were expected to sign a document, but he declined to specify what that document said.

Earlier, Trump said that the meeting had been "going great" and that they had made "a lot of progress." He said he thought it was "better than anybody could imagine."

The leaders emerged from a working lunch and strolled together down a paved walkway Tuesday before stopping and posing before the waiting news media.

Trump said the meeting is "going great. We had a really fantastic meeting."

The working lunch was the final official event scheduled for the leaders before going their separate ways.   Trump is scheduled to address the press corps and then begin the journey back to Washington.