Trump protesters plan to focus message away from the Amway Center

While President Trump announces his re-election kick-off at the Amway Center Tuesday, those planning to counter his voice will do so from about a half-mile away.

The ‘Win With Love’ event will take place at the Stonewall Bar, near the Orlando City Stadium on Tuesday. 

That event will serve as the main protest to the President’s event that evening.

According to the City of Orlando, three groups filed for permits to hold official counter-events in town.

The first will be a press conference at City Hall held by the Florida Democrats, and the other two confirm they will combine their efforts at the Stonewall instead of holding separate events.

Organizers for the protest event said they are encouraging their crowd to keep a no-contact policy with the Trump crowd, and keep their message up the street to avoid any issues. 

They said their biggest focus is sending out their side’s message and rallying voters to remove the president from office next year.

The infamous giant 'Baby Trump' balloon is also expected to be on display at the protest and be visible to a good chunk of the downtown area.

While that event will make up the bulk of the protest, Orlando police said Monday that they will not block anyone’s first amendment rights on Tuesday, meaning protesters could easily show up outside of the Amway and right next to Trump supporters. 

Officials are encouraging all to remain peaceful, and police say they are prepared for whatever happens.