Trio nabbed for alleged Nike, Adidas theft scheme at Orlando International Premium Outlets

A married couple and an accomplice were nabbed Wednesday after they allegedly orchestrated a scheme to steal from Nike and Adidas stores at the Orlando International Premium Outlets. 

Genesys Lozada Lopez, 30, Marzia Fusco, 39, and Fusco's husband, Jesus Rafael Acosta Sierra, 41, were all taken into custody on Thursday afternoon, according to arrest affidavits from the Orlando Police Department. 

All three suspects from Kissimmee were each charged with two counts of grand theft and one count of retail theft, arrest records show. Acosta Sierra, the alleged driver, is also facing additional vehicle-related charges like not having a valid driver's license, failing to register a vehicle and attaching an unassigned tag. 

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Just after 3 p.m., loss prevention officers witnessed two women, later identified as Lopez and Fusco, walking around the outlet mall with empty shopping bags, the affidavit said. They allegedly walked into Adidas, grabbed merchandise from different sections of the store and met up an in aisle to hide the items into the empty shopping bags they were carrying. Then, they walked out. 

Genesys Lozada Lopez was arrested and charged with two counts of grand theft and retail theft. (Photo: Orange County Jail)

This was all witnessed by a loss prevention officer who followed the two women into the store. 

In the parking lot, Lopez and Fusco walked up to a silver Toyota Corolla and dumped all the merchandise from Adidas into the back seat, the affidavit said. Then, they reportedly walked back to the outlets with the empty shopping bags. 

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Two officers saw Lopez and Fusco walking back into the outlets and detained them. 

Marzia Fusco was arrested and charged with two counts of grand theft and retail theft. (Photo: Orange County Jail)

At the same time, officers pulled over the Toyota Corolla which revealed the driver was Fusco's husband, Acosta Sierra, police said. 

"From outside the vehicle, I could see a bag filled with merchandise in the back seat and another bag that appeared to be filled with merchandise in the front passenger seat," the affidavit said. There was nearly $1,400 worth of Nike merchandise and nearly $770 of Adidas products inside the car, police said. 

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Jesus Rafael Acosta Sierra was arrested and charged with two counts of grand theft, retail theft, no motor vehicle registration, no valid driver's license and attaching tag to unassigned vehicle. (Photo: Orange County Jail)

Police determined via records search that Acosta Sierra didn't have a driver's license, nor did the car have the proper registration. 


All three were placed under arrest and transported to the Orange County Jail, where they remain in custody. Acosta Sierra is being held on $3,000 bond, while Lopez and Fusco are both facing $7,500 bond, arrest records show.