Trayvon Martin Memorial finds new home

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After much wrangling and bickering with neighbors, the City of Sanford has finally found a home for the Trayvon Martin Memorial.

The items will be placed in a small garden just across the street from the Goldsboro History Museum on Historic Goldsboro Avenue -- what used to be 13th Street.  Goldsboro Historical Society Chairwoman Francis Oliver says Martin will long be a part of Sanford.

"Trayvon Martin is going to have a place in the history of Sanford."

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The people living in the neighborhood where Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman had the memorial removed from outside the front gates of their neighborhood, because they believed it was a big distraction and was preventing people from being able to sell their homes. Francis Oliver says the city originally wanted to put it in a graveyard off 25th street.

"We just felt like he didn't need to be buried twice, you know. We needed a memorial, not a burial site."

Currently, the items sit in boxes in the Sanford Museum.  At what will be the new home, a cardboard sign saying the memorial will arrive is already creating some buzz.

"We've already had people come up and take pictures, because the sign does say the future home of the Trayvon Martin Memorial, and we've had people to come and put other things in. If you notice, the little angel here, that was sent to us by a lady. She sent a little angel, and someone sent us a stoop. Then someone planted a little Easter lily here last week."

City officials tell FOX 35 that they just wanted to select a location that would honor the wishes of the Martin Family, and they feel like they have done that.