Track COVID-19 cases by school district in Central Florida

The Florida Department of Education (DOH) has requested that COVID-19 cases reported in schools be tracked locally by each school district.

School districts in Central Florida will begin rolling out platforms and details as to how and when the data will be updated.  We will add district links below as we receive that information.

The data presentation could vary from county to county. For example, in Volusia County, each school in the district impacted by COVID-19 positive cases will be listed along with the number of employees and students.  In Seminole County, data will be updated based on how frequently numbers are released by the Florida Department of Health in Seminole County.

ORANGE COUNTY: Officials say the number of confirmed cases by school and date will be updated every night at midnight. The dashboard gives parents, employees and the public a breakdown of the total number of confirmed cases on campus since the start of face-to-face learning on August 21. SEE DATA HERE.

BREVARD COUNTY: The dashboard will be updated by end of the day every Tuesday and Friday and will provide the number of reported positive cases among employees and students for the respective period of time (Tuesday’s reports will cover the Friday prior through the weekend and Monday, and Friday’s report will cover data from Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of that week). A list of schools impacted and number of quarantines will also be included. SEE DATA HERE.

LAKE COUNTY: Lake County will continue to notify parents personally if their child has been in direct contact with someone who tests positive for the virus. Employees in direct contact will be personally notified as well. An automated phone call and email will be sent out so that all students and employees at an affected school are aware when a positive case has surfaced. Publishing weekly reports are the next steps in transparency, the school district says, ensuring that stakeholders throughout the county are kept informed as well. A new chart will be posted at the end of the business day on Friday afternoons showing the numbers for that week. SEE DATA HERE.

OSCEOLA COUNTY: Osceola County will post the total number of students and staff by school who have notified the district of positive COVID-19 test results every Monday and will include updates from the week prior, as well as the number of students and school personnel who have been told to quarantine beginning that week. SEE DATA HERE.

SEMINOLE COUNTY:  Schools impacted by COVID-19 positive cases will be listed along with the total number of employees and students throughout the district for each campus. The COVID-19 Data Dashboard will be updated as the district receives the latest information on confirmed positive cases from the Florida Department of Health in Seminole County. SEE DATA HERE.

VOLUSIA COUNTY:  Volusia County will publish a COVID-19 Data Dashboard that will be updated Wednesdays and Fridays after 2 p.m. Wednesday’s numbers will include the number of positive cases reported from Friday through Tuesday. Friday’s numbers will include positive cases from Wednesday and Thursday.  SEE DATA HERE.