Tot safe at home after alleged carjacking in Ocoee

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A mother was about to get her baby out of her car outside the grocery store, when officers say a stranger carjacked her with the baby still inside.

We visited the little toddler at home days after the terrifying nightmare.  Nasir Strong, 2, looked happy as can be, and his father, Richard, doesn't think the baby was traumatized during a kidnapping on Friday.

"He's just a baby. He's oblivious to everything that's occurred," he said. 

But as for his wife, that's not the case.

"She's still devastated. She just stopped there to get a few things for the kids. She was about to pull him out, that's when she was attacked," he added.

Investigators said Nasir and his mother were at Good Holmes Plaza, when a strange man approached her.

"He was saying to her ... 'Give me your keys!' and she was saying, 'My son's in the car!' She was fighting to get him out," explained witness Marc Carr.

Carr said she fought hard.

"She is grabbing his dreadlocks with all her strength ripping out his hair."

Carr saw the suspect on top of Nasir's mom and jumped in to help.

"I grabbed him by the shoulders, and surprisingly, he just jumped up and jumped into the car.  When that car started to back up and she's yelling, 'My baby! My baby!' and she just fainted and went down. Oh my god, it was just horrendous."

An hour later, deputies caught the suspect driving the car with little Nasir still in the back seat, unharmed.  The suspect, Jemoy Gordon, 26, faces kidnapping, carjacking and battery charges.

Richard says, "That gives me comfort that the sheriff's and police department did their job so quickly."

As for his wife.

"We're dealing with it day by day. Trying to get her counseling," he said, adding a warning for other parents. "Be vigilant and learn to protect yourself." 

Gordon is in jail on no bond.