Toddlers found wandering alone outside, father arrested, Port Orange police say

A Port Orange father was arrested after police say he left them home alone and the children were found wandering in the parking lot Monday afternoon.

Timothy Taylor, 23, was charged with two counts of child neglect and resisting an officer without violence. 

According to police, the boys, ages 1 and 2, were found by neighbors crying in the parking lot of their apartment complex at 3685 Beacon Hill Road.

"We saw these two little babies out crying," said one caller to 911. "They have to be maybe two or one. They were out just out screaming barefoot. I just knocked on the door. The one baby opened the door. It looks like nobody is here."

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When police checked the apartment, they say no one was home. 

Taylor reportedly told police that he left the kids home alone to go to his sisters house in Daytona Beach. Police say he used a couch and a coffee table to try and keep them from leaving the apartment.