“They have some points,” TMZ says about doubters of new Kate Middleton video

For those following the internet speculation surrounding Kate Middleton, online sleuths are stacking up the reasons that suggest the video of her walking alongside her husband at the farm shop may not be authentic. 

Her sighting was first reported over the weekend by The Sun in the UK, citing an eye witness, but did not include any visual evidence. Then on Monday The Sun reported it had acquired video, which was also published by TMZ here in America. 

TMZ host Charles Latibeaudiere is addressing the doubts of the video’s authenticity, saying he himself is beginning to have questions.

"My gut was, it was her. But then I started looking at some of the comments and things that people are posting about, why they don't think it's her, and they have some points," he said in an interview with FOX 5 DC. 

The discrepancies Latibeaudiere pointed out that many have pointed out on social media as well:

  • Her height, especially compared to William's height
  • Her chin
  • Her stride 

"I have gone back and forth three different times. I've looked at this video so often," he said

"Before I was, I would say I was 95% when I first saw it, I was like, oh, that's her. And it certainly looks like William. But even the William, some people are picking apart that maybe it's not him."


A 2018 photo of the then-Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine, attending a Christmas party. (Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

Kate, officially the Princess of Wales, has not been seen on public duty since Christmas Day. And a palace announcement in January that the 42-year-old had unspecified abdominal surgery and would be out of sight for weeks triggered speculation and gossip about her health.

She’s not due to resume her royal duties until after Easter, but that hasn’t stopped royal enthusiasts from speculating about her glaring absence. 

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Recent attempts at photo releases to show her wellbeing have only fueled further speculation, including the Mother’s Day image that was withdrawn by major news agencies around the world for evidence of manipulation. 

"It sounds ridiculous, but it's sort of like we need proof of life," Latibeaudiere said. "I mean, that's what people have been saying for weeks is, why doesn't Kate just do a video."

"But I think the point is, the palace doesn't feel like they have to do that. They. And I've heard this from a lot of over the years, royal watchers, royal experts say that, you know, the palace really feels they're above all of that, and they don't have to bow to public pressure. They do something when they feel like it's necessary. And obviously, up to this point, they do not feel like it's necessary.  

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A body language expert spoke with FOX News about the farm shop video.

"Some people might assume that it isn't Kate because she hasn't been in public since her surgery, and she's not in royal attire participating in a royal event. Kate is out of the royal context, and the casualness of the situation and her attire might be throwing some people off."

Kensington Palace has not commented on the video.

This story was reported from Detroit.