Titusville Police: Hotel housekeeper attacked

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Titusville Police on Monday arrested a man after they say he attacked a hotel housekeeper. 

Diderot Suffrena, of Apopka, was charged with attempted sexual battery and aggravated battery. The News Station was there as the 36-year-old was hauled off to jail in a blue plastic jump suit and handcuffs. 

When reporter Danielle Lama asked if he was guilty of the charges, Suffrena said he only ran a stop sign. 
Police say he did much more than that. 

“This suspect clearly waited in hiding for this victim to walk into the room,” said Titusville Police Deputy Chief Todd Hutchinson. 

Investigators say the attack happened just before noon Monday at the Quality Inn off Cheney Highway in Titusville. They say the maid was heading into a room that she thought was empty to clean when she was ambushed.  

“Very violent, strangles, punches,” Hutchinson said. “The victim was able to get away – call police.” 

Police say after talking with employees, they learned a different maid at the Quality Inn had walked into a room as seen the suspect as well, but she walked right back out.  Across the street at the Days Inn, investigators say Suffrena was also seen acting suspiciously. 

“We we don’t find any ties to this area so we believe he was in the area stalking for a victim,” Hutchinson said. 

After sending surveillance photos of the suspect and his car, police say Brevard County deputies pulled Suffrena over a few miles from the scene. Officials say the woman who fought for her life has serious injuries, but will survive. 

The News Station reached out to management at the Quality Inn and Days Inn, neither wanted to comment.