Thousands flock to beaches for Memorial Day weekend

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If you're going out to the beaches, pack your patience. Lots of people are hitting the sand and water this weekend. Beach officials told Fox 35 that they expect more of the same on Memorial Day too.

A wall of cars and people packed the beach for miles. If you're going in the water, officials say be careful.

Senior Captain Andrew Ethridge with Volusia County Beach Safety said "Rip currents are probably the most dangerous thing we deal with on the beach. We make thousands of rip current rescues every year."

Fourteen people were rescued from rip currents at Volusia County beaches on Saturday. Senior Captain Andrew Ethridge said a handful more were rescued by midday Sunday. He went on to say "we want to make sure that we send a message that everybody needs to swim in front of an open life guard tower."

They're flying the yellow flag Sunday.

"It's cool, but once you're in there for a little bit, you get used to it," Cyndi English said about the ocean.

Cyndi English and her family were keeping a close eye on the crowds and the water. "We're just very careful. We don't go out too far," She explained. "Just make sure the kids stay close to us."

Beach officials expect some 100,000 people this holiday weekend, like Tori Tau and her family.

"We got out here pretty early, and it was still packed," Tau explained with a smile.

Ethridge said there are extra life guards here watching 47 miles of beaches.

"There's always danger, especially for the kids. They need constant attention." Said beach goer Aime Mbakulirahi as he watched his young children.