'This tent has never been this empty': Christmas tree shortage impacting businesses

Christmas trees are in short supply and it’s impacting Central Florida tree farms.

There’s a high demand for Christmas trees this holiday season and the stock is low.

Experts say there’s a nationwide Christmas tree shortage.

The Severts Tree Farm in Lake Mary says they were packed with customers over the last few days.

“Pandemonium. It was insane,” Manager Tommy O’Drain said. “We went as fast as we could. We almost cleared the whole tent out.”

The National Christmas Association says supply has been tight for the last three years.

Experts blame the 2008 recession and high demand.

Five million more Christmas trees were bought in 2018 compared to 2017.

It’s keeping Central Florida tree farms busy.

“We can’t keep up,” O’Drain said. “If you look around, this tent has never been this empty.”

Severts Tree Farm expects to get a new shipment of trees on Wednesday.