'This is for Donald Trump!' accused attacker is alleged to have yelled before hitting man

A Central Florida man is stunned after he was attacked in Gainesville.  What happened at a gas station on November 10 left him terrified.  It's the reason he asked not to be named in this report.  

He said it started when a man got out of a car and headed straight for him.

"He comes right behind me, and then hits me.  I kind of move, and I look back. I say,  'What was that for buddy?'" the man explained.  "He said, 'Let's Trump it down! Take off your shirt!'" 

Police say his accused attacker, 23-year-old Caleb Illig, allegedly told his victim, "This is for Donald Trump!"  The victim, who said he is of Hispanic heritage, told police he was terrified.

"He wanted to kill me, it looked like," he said.  "I felt scared, being a minority.  I'm like, 'What's going on, you know? I thought we were all Americans.'" 

Gainesville Police said Illig was arrested and charged with simple battery, according to records.