‘They were so shocked’: Georgia woman travels 5,000 miles to surprise parents for Thanksgiving

It was the ultimate Thanksgiving surprise reunion. 

Lesley Hauler, who currently lives in the United Kingdom, flew thousands of miles to her hometown in Atlanta, Georgia to surprise her parents for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

"SURPRISE! I flew in from London to surprise my parents in Atlanta for Thanksgiving," she wrote on social media, adding that "their reaction made it all worth it.

Lindsay Hauler, Lesley’s sister, told the social news platform Storyful that they had been planning the reunion for weeks. 

"I work for an airline and have her assigned to my flight benefits and we thought it would be fun to surprise our parents," she said.

In the video, recorded on Nov. 20, Lesley walks up to her parents, who she said she had not seen in months, to surprise them in a park.

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"My baby!" the mother exclaims in the video before her tearful father joins in for a hug.

On the social media platform TikTok, Lesley said her parents "were so shocked." 

The parents, who also said they were "very surprised," celebrated 35 years of marriage over the Thanksgiving weekend.

This story was reported from Los Angeles. Storyful contributed.