Terrifying moments when family pet is attacked

A dog was viciously attack and a boy left helpless when a pitbull mix went after his pup. Both the dog and its owner went to the hospital and are recovering. The owner says this could have been worse.

Surveillance video shows the moments Jennifer Scott's son took their dog, Lily, for a walk when the unthinkable happened. The pit mix next door broke its tether, pouncing on Lily.

"Then all of a sudden I heard her crying a lot," said dog owner Jennifer Scott.

Scott was inside the house when she heard the commotion. Her son, who has autism, shouted for help.

"I ran out there and the dog just had a hold of her, and I tried to pull them apart and I couldn't."

It happened Thursday night outside Scott's home in Mont Verde, Lake County. Scott fought back to save her dog.

"Finally I just kicked him really hard and I start screaming at him, and he ran off. "

Lily was left with at least three bites.

"She's covered in blood, puncture wounds from the canines," said neighbor Samantha Haven. But it wasn't just Lily bleeding. Scott was also bitten on her wrist. She and Lily went to the hospital and vet. Both are now on antibiotics.

The Lake County Sheriff's Office gave the neighbors warnings for the dog getting off property, for the bite and another for not providing documentation of a rabies vaccination. The dog is now on home quarantine for ten days.

The neighbors tell FOX 35 they are complying and that their dog is not vicious.  Scott says the punishment isn't enough.

"It made me sick. I didn't realize everything that happened because it just happened so fast."

The Sheriff's Office says this was a first offense, so this was all they could do. Scott is grateful that at the very least, Lily is still alive.

"Her crying is what sticks out in my mind…it was awful."

The home quarantine is for ten days. After that, the pit mix's owners have another ten days to get the dog vaccinated.