Tenants worry as eviction moratorium expiration nears

Florida’s moratorium on evictions expires on July 1. Natalie Scott and her fiancée Bobby Dilley are all ready to go, in case they get kicked out. They even put most of their furniture in storage.

“We don't have a couch,” Scott said. “We took our couch down so we just have some cushions so we have something to sit on.”

The Orlando family's had it tough since Dilley lost work at the start of the year. “My fiancée got furloughed or laid off, whatever's the term, at the beginning of January, when it looked like business was slowing down before it became a pandemic,” Scott said.

They were spared losing their home the first time governor DeSantis launched the moratorium on evictions. But things are still tight for the family and they worry what will happen when the clock runs out.

“We've got our clothes in suitcases, the dressers and beds are packed, we're sleeping on mattresses and hopefully then we'd be able to find some short-term hotel,” Scott said, “it wouldn't be ideal, it would be nerve-wracking, but we're prepared to do what we have to do.”

She's even got her kitchen all packed up.

“If we need anything drastic,” she said, “we have to go unpack it.”

Attorney Whitney Boan says if the governor doesn't extend the moratorium there will be a lot of knocks on doors when it expires on Wednesday.

“I would expect there to be a big boom of law enforcement officers going out and telling people they have 24 hours to leave.”

She says if that happens it may be worth getting a lawyer.

“I would advise someone -- of course, if they have the ability to do so -- try and reach out to a lawyer to talk about these questions, especially if there's more than just you owe back rent and you haven't paid it.”