Teen girl robbed near Orange County park at gunpoint

Orange County deputies are searching for the man who robbed a teenager near a park, in the middle of the day.

"I was talking to some kid on Sneaker Union, this little group on Facebook." 17-year-old Yaritza Santiago said.

Santiago said she has been buying sneakers online for the last three years.
She said she never had problems until Sunday, when deputies said the teen was robbed near Silver Star Community Park after she had planned to buy a pair of Kevin Durant Nike's from someone she met online.
"He never showed up. So when I was about to leave, these two kids said they knew the kid that I was looking for and they told me to follow them," Santiago said.

Yaritza says she was told to meet the person with the sneakers on another street near the park. "And then one of them pulled a gun on me. I wanted my money back and I was kind of scared that they pulled the gun on me."

Yaritza and her sister Ariana said the suspect ran away with more than $100.

"Will you use it again or not?" asked FOX 35's Valerie Boey.

"Most likely not, unless I know the person from school or something,"Santiago said.

While both teens are upset over what happened, they realize it could have been much worse.

"So what's the lesson learned from this?" Boey asked.

"Don't talk to people on line. Never talk to people online. You can't trust anybody," Santiago said.

Yaritza said the suspect was wearing a white t-shirt, black shorts and had an afro. Anyone with information is asked to call the Orange County Sheriff's Office.