Teen creates care kits for kids fighting cancer

A teenager with a life-threatening disease continues to help other kids and their families at a hospital, despite her own condition.

Dayna Chavarria on Thursday handed out care kits to nurses at Arnold Palmer Hospital. The overnight kits will be given to families of kids with cancer staying at the hospital. They contain a toothbrush, bathing products and even small games.

Chavarria, 15, who is battling a brain and spine disease, hopes to raise money to buy medical marijuana that helps reduce her seizures. She says giving the care kits to others at the hospital helps comfort her, as she deals with her own health issues.

"It's really exciting, because I get to something for kids in the hospital that are here for a really long time," she said.

Chavarria's mother, Brenda, says the medical marijuana they need isn't insured and too expensive for them to afford.

"She still has to remain on the CBD oil which helps control the seizures, this is the best we've seen her in the last couple of months since she's started the CBD oil," she said of her daughter.

Chavarria says the medicine is not under her insurance.

Chavarria has a Go Fund Me account. For more information, click here.