Teen burglary suspect shot inside home

Orange County deputies say they're investigating the death of a teenage suspect who was shot and killed inside an Avalon Lakes neighborhood.

Neighbor Hector Albelo says, "Some intruder came into the house and then the man was down."

Deputies say they got a call about a burglary and shots fired at a house on Echo Lake Court.  They say 17-year-old Jene Rene Gonzalez was shot to death by someone inside the home.  The homeowner wouldn't talk on camera, but told me the suspect broke a window to get inside. We talked to a neighbor

Hector Albelo says, "Saw the commotion with all the cops and fire department in the neighborhood and everything."

Deputies say Gonzalez has been arrested for burglary, battery and trespassing at this same location before. They confirm no one is under arrest. The case is now in the hands of the State Attorney.

Hector says, "It's unfortunate that it happened but we live in a pretty good neighborhood."