Teen accused of dragging Florida trooper with car denied bond

19-year-old Christopher Lewis faced an Orange County judge, Friday. 

He’s charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, aggravated battery on an officer, and attempted first-degree murder of a Highway Patrol Trooper. 

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The judge denied Lewis bond.

Trooper Victor Rivera is suffering from road rash, bumps, and bruises, but is expected to recover fully.

“It takes something so simple as a speeding ticket and escalates it into attempted first degree murder, I think people have to sit and think, is it worth that,” said FHP Lt. Kim Montes.

Lewis and a buddy, Elijah Wilson, were stopped for speeding on Colonial Drive at the railroad tracks near I-4. FHP said Wilson  got out and ran – and Lewis slid over to the driver’s seat and floored the gas. The trooper was left hanging on to the other suspect for dear life as he was dragged across the tracks.

Elijah Wilson, is charged with speeding and fleeing an officer, among other charges.