Technology could prevent wrong-way crashes

A professor at FSU says he found a way to prevent wrong-way crashes. The “wrong way” signs may soon be changing across the state of Florida, thanks to “smart” technology that continues to take over. 

Say hello to the possible future of driving in Florida.

“This could really have a major impact on people's safety and well-being,” said FSU psychology professor Dr. Walter Boot.

You’re looking at new radar-triggered “smart” signs, developed to prevent wrong-way crashes. 

“Once you approach them, then these wrong way signs begin to flash, and they really do seem to capture people's attention to let them know that they're not in a dangerous situation,” said Dr. Boot.

Florida State University psychology professor Dr. Walter Boot helped develop the flashing signs for FDOT.

“I've done a lot of research on basic visual processing and what things capture your attention.”

Some of these signs have already been tested in Tampa, Pensacola and Coral Springs. Dr. Boot says wrong-way crashes are relatively rare, but tend to be some of the most serious crashes. It’s all the more reason to prevent them. 

“If they can be installed at specific interchanges where these types of entrances occur, then these costs seem to be well worth it.” 

These signs still in the testing stage with FDOT. There’s no word how soon we may see them in Central Florida .