Taxpayers finding IRS stimulus payment information unavailable

Many waiting for their stimulus money say the wait has gotten even more frustrating when they log onto the IRS website and see that their payment information is unavailable.

"When I go to check it, it says it’s unavailable."

Taxpayer Kayla Hurley, in Volusia County, says she’s not the only one.

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"It’s not just me, it’s my boyfriend as well, and he got both the stimulus checks last year," she said.

We went to Certified Financial Planner Joe Bert for answers and asked, "Are you surprised you see so many people having this coming out?"

He replied, "No, it's to be expected. We’re sending hundreds of millions of checks."  

An IRS spokesperson says they may not have enough information for payment, a person might not be eligible, or they could still be processing the payment.

Bert said, "They should just keep checking. Unfortunately, Valerie, millions of checks are being sent out. Some are being direct deposit electronically, but this is a big process."

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Kayla says, "It's just frustrating. I have friends in Canada and other places and they’re being taken care of a lot more efficiently than we are."

She hopes to get her stimulus money soon.

"Pretty bad. I’m a full-time student, but I was working last year, but my job got canceled because of COVID and I haven’t been working, and I’ve been struggling with payments with school and tuition. This money would be really great right now."

An IRS spokesperson urges taxpayers to have patience as they wait and keep checking the IRS website.