Tavares boy lives, despite the odds

Like most babies, 13-month-old Jaxon Buell does not perform when the camera is rolling, so when Fox 35 showed up at their home and mom asked him to say "Mama"- like he has many times before - it does not happen.

But, mom Brittany Buell says, "He says 'Mama', 'Daddy' sounds like 'Addy'. He's learning to crawl. He scoots forward, but mostly just gets irritated. He can scoot five feet when he wants to."

Jaxon is a miracle.

Doctors said he would never speak, never see, never hear and never live more than a few months.

But, he celebrated 13 months on Sunday.

His mom says, "The told us two weeks, two months, two years. Now, they are finally telling us 'we don't know.'"

Dad Brandon says, "All of this was so new to us. We were just looking for support, and luckily for us, family, friends, colleagues, and now people around the world have come forward with support."

Jaxon's story has gone viral online.

While in utero, Jaxon was diagnosed first with Spina Bifada, then a slew of other developmental issues, but Brittany and Brandon say they knew from Day one their son would make it.

He was finally correctly diagnosed after birth with a rare case of Microhydraencephaly, a severe brain development abnormality.

Brittany and Brandon say they're relying on their faith.

"Once they get past irritability stage," Brittany says, "they can live up to 30 years."   

Fox 35's Tracy Jacim asked Brittany, "What do you pray for?"

She said, "Peaceful days... For him to be comfortable. Mostly for him to be comfortable."

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