Take on driving at night during rain with our tips!

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Driving at night can be scary sometimes! You might do it every day, but there’s always some odd variable that’s thrown into the mix (whether it be bad weather or traffic accidents). One of the most common problems we have to deal with in Central Florida is driving in the rain. That usually subsides by the time nightfall comes around; however, there will be times in which we have to deal with rain when we’re driving at night.

In order to stay safe in this instance, you have to practice defensive driving! We’re sharing safe driving tips so you can use defensive driving in the rain when riding in your new Toyota near Orlando. 

Practice defensive driving when in your new Toyota near Orlando

Driving around in your new Toyota near Orlando requires a lot of concentration and skill. This is especially true when you’re driving at night and it’s raining. You want to make sure that you both use caution and concentration, as those two things will help you stay safe! What are some defensive driving tips you should keep in mind when driving in the rain at night?

Tip #1 Use headlights

This is the most important tip to remember. Defensive driving requires that you use your headlights when driving in rain and at night! Since visibility is seriously diminished because A) it’s dark and B) it’s raining, you have to be careful by using your headlights. While you will want to use your headlights, you definitely don’t want to use your brights of your Toyota near Orlando, as you can blind other drivers and cause a collision. 

Tip # 2 Don’t speed

Another defensive driving tip? Don’t speed when it’s nighttime and it’s raining. Not only are the roads slippery, but your visibility is greatly diminished. You don’t know how far away the car in front of you is, so you could cause a car accident. For that reason, you should drive your Toyota near Orlando slowly and carefully. Doing so can also help you avoid hydroplaning, which can be extremely dangerous. When it comes to nighttime driving, slow and steady wins the race!

Tip # 3 Drive when alert

If you’re tired, you shouldn’t be driving your Toyota near Orlando. Defensive driving when it’s raining requires a lot of concentration. When you’re tired, you get distracted a lot quicker. You also might fall asleep at the wheel, which is completely unsafe and dangerous. If you’re tired, it’s best to put off driving. If you’ve been drinking, do NOT get behind the wheel of your Toyota near Orlando. Call a cab or call a friend!

Use these defensive driving tips in a new Toyota near Orlando

If you see that it’s raining at night, be sure to use these tips to stay on the road. Not driving carefully and intelligently can lead to a car accident!

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