Tainted turkey could make people sick this Thanksgiving

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says tainted turkey meat has sickened 164 people. 

So far, one person has died. 

The CDC says the salmonella bacteria has sent 63 people to the hospital in the outbreak, which has, so far, hit 35 states. 

The National Turkey Federation says it's reviewing safety procedures to address the contamination.

“That's gonna ruin Thanksgiving!” said Dayun Wimberly, shopping for groceries in Downtown Orlando. “That's gonna make me want chitlins, know what I'm saying?”

The health alert has hit a wide range of turkey products, including pet food made with the meat. 

The CDC isn’t telling people to stop eating turkey, but they are telling them to cook it thoroughly to at least 165 degrees. 

The heat kills the dangerous bacteria.

“I season it for about three days, then we put it in the oven,” said shopper Lola Soto. “We let it slow cook, then brown at a high temperature.”

The CDC says salmonella is a common kind of food poisoning that kills about 450 people a year.