Suspected driver in Sarasota road rage arrested

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An arrest has been made following a road rage incident where a car rammed into a motorcyclist, pushing him off the road in Sarasota, deputies announced.

Sarasota County deputies said they arrested 30-year-old Magdiel Medrano-Bonilla on Tuesday. The incident occurred on Sunday evening near Beneva Road and Riviera Drive. 

Video captured Sunday shows a man on a motorcycle, Darin Hendrickson yelling for the driver of a car to pull over. 

Hendrickson said the driver threw a metal object at him and, instead of pulling over, the driver slams into him and takes off. 

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Hendrickson knows he's lucky to be alive. 

"He just willingly knew what exactly he was doing," he said. "He tried to kill me and there is nothing that is going to change that."

Two days later, tips from the public led deputies to the car's driver - Magdiel Medrano-Bonilla. 

"Complete relief, I didn't have to look, I didn't have to take matters in my own hands and this is just teaching me patience," said Hendrickson. 

Deputies found the car parked behind the home of Medrano-Bonilla's friend. It had been stripped of its doors, windows, and tag. 

Deputies said Medrano-Bonilla was driving without a license. Deputies arrested him for aggravated battery and driving without a license. 

"There's a reason why he didn't have a license, there's a reason why he didn't own a car and there's a reason why he ran," said Hendrickson. 

That reason, said Sarasota Sheriff Tom Knight, is because Medrano-Bonilla is here illegally. 
He came to the U.S from El Salvador in 2014. 

"Bonilla was unable to present any sort of identification including a driver license, social security card or anything else," said Sheriff Knight. 

Medrano-Bonilla sits in the Sarasota County jail on an immigrations and customs enforcement detainer. 
That means for 48 hours he can not bond out until ICE reviews and makes a decision on whether to deport him. 

"I don't want him anymore. I'm hoping that some type of immigration reform is done so the citizens of my county can feel safe knowing this person or persons similar to him are not here anymore trying to un people off the road and kill them," said Sheriff Knight. 

Deputies also ticketed Hendrickson for reckless driving and for an unregistered motor vehicle.