Summer-like weather bringing large crowds to Volusia County beaches

Summer-like weather in Central Florida is bringing large crowds to Volusia County beaches this weekend. 

A combination of spring break and unseasonably warm weather brought large crowds to Volusia County beaches Saturday. Some beaches reached capacity at certain times throughout the day. 

"We are seeing large crowds, especially for this time of the year," said Chief Andrew Ethridge, with Volusia County Beach Safety. 

Even with the crowds, Ethridge says most groups have been keeping their distance from each other on the beach. 

"Down south they were having issues with large crowds and unruly behavior," Ethridge said. "We’re just not seeing that right now." 

People have been filling up the Daytona Beach hotels too. Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach says it has been fully booked for the last seven days and it's not slowing down. 

"All the hotels I speak with, all my fellow general managers, have seen the same rise in occupancies, as well as demand, moving forward in the next few weeks," said Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach General Manager Androse Bell. "We're starting to see those booking patterns exceed 30 days out which is great. That shows people are looking to plan their vacations and staycations." 

If you are heading to the beach, Volusia County Beach Safety warns people to be even more cautious in the water as rough surf and large waves created holes in the sandbar, which makes it dangerous for people in the water. 

"You may be standing in waist-deep water and you step one foot to the right and the next thing you know you're in over your head in a hole and that causes people to panic," Ethridge said. 

Volusia County Beach Safety did have to rescue people from the rough conditions on Saturday. If you're heading to the beach Sunday and plan to go in the water, Ethridge suggests swimming near a lifeguard.