Strong storms flip over planes at airport

Strong wind and rain caused damage to three planes at the Space Coast Regional Airport on Monday, despite being tied down, according to airport officials.

Airport worker Yahn Gray says, "It was raining really bad; really bad winds." 

Three planes were tossed around like toys, he said. 

Officials say several hangers were also damaged at Space Coast Regional Airport. 

Fire Chief Terry Wooldridge, of Space Coast Regional Airport Fire and Emergency Services, blames Mother Nature.

"Sometimes when the storms push through like this we get micro-bursts, and occasionally it flips airplanes over and pulls them out of the tie downs." 

Yahn says, "This is the fourth time it's happened here with me. I was working at Merritt Island Airport when the four hurricanes came through, so it's nothing new."

Officials say one of the planes was flipped upright because of a small fuel spill, while the other two are expected to be worked on Tuesday morning.

No one was hurt.