Still need to get gifts? Guide for last-minute Christmas shopping

Everyone has been in this situation: Either you leave the shopping to the last minute, or you realize you left someone off your list.

We spoke with some last-minute shoppers to find out why they wait. Viven Westey tells us life just gets in the way, saying, “Work, the traffic, everybody is in at this time. So this is much convenient for us, I guess.”

Marvel Jackson lives for this moment.

“They have the deals, I think when they first start, and then the really good deals come like okay, we’re done. Christmas is almost here, let’s go for it,” Jackson says. 



The pickings are slim, and the places to shop are few, but either way, Houstonians are going to get their Christmas shopping done.

If you still have people on your list, there are a few stores open on Christmas Day. Pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens are great for small presents or gift cards. You can score something nice for the caffeine addict in your life at Starbucks. Grab something budget-friendly at Family Dollar or Dollar Tree, and there’s always a local gas station that’s open. You’ll want to check online for which locations are open, and their operating hours.