Steve Noviello's 4 favorite products for 2022

Products so cool and comfortable, they really caught my eye! These are my four favorite products of the year.



Your family will love to make memories one brick at a time. Memobrick is the company that turns your favorite photos into stunning works of art. We fell in love not only with the quality of these buildable custom pieces but also with how the process encourages time spent together as a family. 

7 Strong Shirts


Ever since we first reviewed 7 Strong they have become a part of my weekly wardrobe. This company is the COVID-era collaboration of seven friends who set out to develop a clothing brand that is sleek in its look, powerful in the attention it commands, and a versatile part of your everyday look. Each design is hand drawn and original!  The poly/spandex favorite is not only soft but has a great fit too.

Govee Permanent Lights


Forget about installing holiday lights each year. This set is one and done! The Govee Smart Permanent Outdoor Lights are designed to stay up all year long. With 16million vivid colors, there’s a match for every holiday or even a more traditional house light look in the off-season.  VHB gum sticks to the structure. They’re app enabled, voice-controlled, and certainly smart! 

Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12


From 30" to 150" it’s up to you! All you need is a flat surface. The portable Epson EpiqVision EF12 Streaming Laser Projector makes it easy to stream bright images from virtually anywhere in your home, even outside with no screen required. Featuring built-in Android TV(1), sound by Yamaha, and wireless connectivity, you’ll experience seamless access to popular streaming services including Hulu, HBO, and YouTube right out of the box. A custom 3D sound system from Yamaha produces an impressive, wide sound stage that may rival even your full-size sound bar! 

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